Chronological History of Avon Fire & Rescue Services

The Avon Fire & Rescue Service was established in May 2004 and is an amalgamation of those local Fire Brigades formerly known as the “County of Avon Fire Brigade” and encompassing parts of the adjoining Counties of South Gloucestershire, North Somerset, Bath City and Bristol Fire Brigades.

The aim of this Chronological History is to create a permanent record of the personal achievements of colleagues who have served the Fire Brigade locally, and to bring back to life those special notable events which remain forever in the memories of Firefighters throughout the history of our service.

These historical notes have been edited and merged from varying individual research sources and therefore rely on the original author for their accuracy. Our records are by no means exhaustive and to this end would welcome any items of special interest our readers may wish to submit for inclusion. We also wish to take this opportunity to thank all who have contributed to this project and in particular, to those giving their kind permission to reproduce the pictorial content.

Chriss Deverill M.B.E. Avon Fire & Rescue Service Pensioners Association.

AF&RS Pensioners Association Secretary & Treasurer. NARF District No. 7 Chairman & Treasurer

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