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Graham Hood – 15.03.2017

Graham Hood, passed away on Wednesday 15th March 2017, following his long illness. As a member of Gloucestershire Fire Service, Graham served at Cheltenham and Patchway before transferring to Cornwall in 1971, whereby on retirement he was serving as a

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Bristol’s Colston Hall destroyed by fire on the 1 September 1898

It was in the early hours of the morning when a fire was discovered in Clark’s four story clothing factory in Colston Street, Bristol. According to press reports, flames were already through the roof by the time fire crews from

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Brislington Fire Station closes

I feel privileged to have served with hero’s of the fire service, writes R.L.Smith .

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Reckless cuts by R.L.Smith

Reckless to make cuts to the fire service by R.L.Smith  

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Cold War tales

Many months ago, we asked Bristol Times readers for their memories and tales of Bristol’s Cold War.

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Blazing flat 10 Feb 1960

Fireman climbs into the blazing flat.

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Firemen clearing 11 Feb 1960

Firemen clearing the debris in the room in which the baby died in Newfoundland Road, St. Pauls yesterday. 

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Burnt out remains 22 Dec 1960

Burnt out remains are scattered outside the home of Mr and Mrs Frank Merkel of 154 Furber Road, St. George which was burnt out on Saturday evening.  

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1,746 Fires last year 18 Jan 1960

The report of the Chief Fire Officer Mr J.Y.Kirkup, to the Bristol Fire Brigade Committee, gives the statistical records for the city for the year ended December 31.  

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Wage call at rally 20 Jan 1960

West Country firemen at a rally in Bristol last night pressed for immediate action in their fight for a 48-hour-week and a “substantial” wage increase.    

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