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Firemen on the hop 28 Dec 1959

Fireman M.Britton (left) and W.Addision (right) hand over the cat they rescued from a derelict building in Temple Street, Bristol, to Supt S.Miles of the R.S.P.C.A. at Bridewell Fire Station.

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Man dies in blaze 13 Jan 1960

BRISTOL FIREMEN clear up after a the fire at Barton Hill. In the foreground is the twisted frame of the bed occupied by Mr Stephen Bye who died in the blaze. Evening Post 13th Jan 1960

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Baby dies 11 February 1960

A YEAR-OLD WEST INDIAN GIRL, Jennifer Coke, died at one o’clock yesterday afternoon in a fire which completely¬†burnt out a room in a top floor flat at 265 Newfoundland Road, St. Paul’s Bristol. Twins Patrick and Sandra Coke, were rescued

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