Mangotsfield Fire Brigade 1930s

3 comments on “Mangotsfield Fire Brigade 1930s
  1. Deb Morgan says:

    Anyone know where Mangotsfield fire station was situated??

    • Derek Couzens says:

      This picture is in our family ‘archives’ and shows my Grandfather Alfred George (Alf) Couzens
      as Lieutenant.
      In response to the enquiry above for a period (not sure how long) the Engine was housed in a building* on the corner Mangotsfield Urban District Council’s yard in Staple Hill at the junction
      of Beaufort Rd with Broad Street – no longer there during he 50s I would regularly walk past he yard and recall the actual building – not knowing then it had in the past housed the engine unit.

  2. nikguest says:

    Does anyone have a larger version of this picture?

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