Chris Weedon – 17.12.2014

It is with much sadness that I inform you of the death of Chris Weedon on Wednesday 17 December after a long illness.

Chris re-joined AF&RS as a Community Fire Safety Fitter in June 2005. His son Nik is a serving Watch Manager with the Service.

All former colleagues and friends are welcome to join the family to pay their respects to Chris at his funeral service on Tuesday 13 January at 11.30hrs at Haycombe Cemetery and Crematorium, near Bath.

Please note that there is only seating for 65 and therefore it is likely that there will be standing room only.

Following the above, family and friends are meeting at the Jolly Sailor in Saltford, and staff from AF&RS are welcome to attend.

Formal condolences have been expressed to his widow Margaret and family as we think of them at this sad time.

AF&RS Pensioners Association Secretary & Treasurer. NARF District No. 7 Chairman & Treasurer

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