William ‘Bill’ Robson – 27.09.2020

Bill Robson aged 86 passed peacefully away on 27th September 2020. he leaves a wife Shelia and two adult children.

A colleague recalls…..

I served with him at Bedminster for many years. (not sure if he was based anywhere else)

Bill could tell lovely stories in his Geordie accent. Remember one when he was in the Navy and was their boxing champ. His Captain heard of a competition and really wanted his man to take part. So he made sure his ship was back in port in time. During his fight his opponent head butted him. “Eeeee,” said Bill, “I was so angry, I hit him so hard his feet left the floor.” They had to carry him out. Afterwards two men in dark suits came to his dressing room. Bill thought it was the police but they wanted to sign him up as a professional.

He was also famous for his “party pieces”. He would run through the mess room at Bedminster and jump through the hatch into the kitchen without touching the sides. Two fireman had to catch him before he hit the sink!

He could also lie on his front on a mess room table and disappear, head first, over the end. Manouvre himself under the table and come up over the other end without touching the floor.

He was amazing running an escape during a drill. He would be running up as the ladder was extending. As the ladder touched the third floor he would be there already to step off.

AF&RS Pensioners Association Secretary & Treasurer. NARF District No. 7 Chairman & Treasurer

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