Derrick Lewis – 26.10.2022

Derek John Lewis aged 78 passed away 26th October 2022

Derrick was a big character who led a full life. He kept himself busy, with his family, his work, his hobbies and the clubs. He always gave so much of himself to those around him and was so generous with his time and energy. It meant he was well loved and respected by so many people.

(Knocker White a close friend of Derrick’s) A Bristol man, born and bred. Having grown up in the Redland area, Derrick went on to complete a five year apprenticeship with a local builder to become a master plumber and lead dresser.

He attended the final City and County of Bristol, training school at Temple Back, prior to the embrace of County of Avon in 1974.

He was posted to Patchway station, living at Filton where he and Maureen – his wife of 56 years, raised John, Sarah and Nicholle.

His loves were, Bowling for St Andrews and Kildare, together with ‘The Somerville Club’, where he became a life member and completing a College course at Brunel in woodwork & cabinet making.

He was also a very keen crewman, “deep sea”, sailing yachts where his French Polishing skills were profound.

A true man of substance and endeavour, a strong family man, his grandchildren will miss his hand on the “tiller”.

AF&RS Pensioners Association Secretary & Treasurer. NARF District No. 7 Chairman & Treasurer

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